The nuseries

The four nurseries on Satemwa are where it all starts. Here new tea plants are grown from older tea bushes in two ways: either from cuttings or from grafting.

Cuttings are made from the top stem of the tea bush. They are planted in groups in the nursery, showing from what field or plant it originates. These “baby plants” are made from either single or double nodes, which is a piece of the stem with either one or two leaves.

Grafting takes place when two bushes are joined together. A small cut is made in the scion, or top stem, with the root stock, or bottom stem , being shaped to fit in the cut. Typically, high yield bushes are selected for the scionbushes with good strong roots are picked for the root stock.

50 hectars

Satemwa consists of roughly 900 hectares of tea and 50 hectares of coffee, planted and spread out on four divisions.

A stone marker on each field describes the tea’s origin, the size of the field in hectares, and the year planting took place.

In addition, the estate is self-sufficient regarding the energy needed to power the boiler at the factory, Close to 400 hectares of blue gum eucalyptus trees planted on the estate provide the firewood necessary.

After the leaves have been plucked, they are taken to the factory in their own bags, allowing the factory to separate and process them on their own if required.

This enables the speciality tea in your cup to be traced back not only to the field where it was grown and plucked, but even to the individual plucker or crew of pluckers who harvested it.