Danida B2B programme

Denmark’s development assistance prioritises economic growth and employment for poverty alleviation. In Uganda, that is primarily done by supporting farmers and agribusiness. The FarmMountain partners and the farmers who grow and sell their coffee are viewed by Danida as being exemplary in illustrating how partnerships for development can best work to improve the lives of farming families and of those otherwise employed along the value chain. Sustainability is realised by investing in people, understanding markets, and then delivering to them a product of consistently high quality. The premium that consumers are willing to pay for this “socially responsible” coffee is distributed back along the value chain. Danida supports the FarmMountain partners directly through its B2B programme, and indirectly through the more general engagement its U-Growth programme has in the sector. We have now almost finished the B2B programme and are ready to move to the project phase in 2014 – 2015.