Authentic taste and craftmanship

Thomas - also among friends called Dr. Remmer is our executive roaster. Thomas joined FarmMountain 2012 as partner, and he is our specialist in roasting, cupping and internet strategy. One of his passions are reparing espresso and coffee machines. Always Thomas is controling our coffee quality before we bring to our stock - and normally you see Thomas checking and making sure that everything that goes through our system is crisp and sharp.

Fire-rosted coffee

In our retail outlets, we carefully fire-roast our coffee in batches of 2,5 - 10 kg. This provides our customers a fresh day roast every day, with some of them customers even being lucky enough to bring home warm beans. We feature 24 different coffees in a variety of tasteful compositions, including Black Gold, Delicious Dark Chocolate, and Smooth Irish Creme. We trust that you’ll always find a taste to suit you.