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The best coffee beans

Duften. Smagen. Autenciteten. Sjælen. And so the human face bag raw material. FarmMountain har en god kaffe oplevelse med mange facetter. Friske råvarer. Nænsomt ristet. Toner of Højlandskaffe with a very special aroma and a rich, velvety taste that you never forget.

The coffee beans from our shaker come from Mount Elgon's mountain sides in Uganda. Bududa, Sironko and Kapchorwa, Kenya and Malawi Ripe, juicy and juicy coffee berries. Off with fruit meat. Aroma. Accuracy. Toner of chocolate and caramel. Citrus. Acid and other basic structures in the taste. Fermentation. Dryers two meters above the ground. Large barrels of water. Wipe the defective coffee beans. Back is the cream of the cream. The cleanest and finest coffee beans. Big foxes. Departed to Denmark.

Quality coffee - brewed on the best beans. Right now we have 15 varieties of coffee, and we are constantly developing new variants. We offer the best espresso and also have delicious flavors with chocolate flavors, licorice, caramel and more.

FarmMountain's coffee is classified from 1st to 3rd Coffee Cru, where 1. Coffee Cru is the absolute highest and finest quality.

World coffee production can be divided into three groups: specialty coffee, consumer coffee and low-quality coffee. See the distribution on the coffee pyramid. Special coffee will usually have * defects of approx. 5 - 9%. FarmMountain is sorted twice, and with the help of our farmer families, our defective number is approx. 0.3 - 1.8%.
That's why the coffee tastes great. Dukan drinks as much as you want without acid reflux.

* Defects are bad beans such as spring beans, overfermented beans, insect bites, immature beans and tinned rotten beans.